Jul 26, 2016

Quantum Advantage on Information Leakage for Equality

Posted by in categories: computing, quantum physics

Abstract: We prove a lower bound on the information leakage of any classical protocol.

Computing the equality function in the simultaneous message passing (SMP) model. Our bound is valid in the finite length regime and is strong enough to demonstrate a quantum advantage in terms of information leakage for practical quantum protocols. We prove our bound by obtaining an improved finite size version of the communication bound due to Babai and Kimmel, relating randomized.

Communication to deterministic communication in the SMP model. We then relate. information leakage to randomized communication through a series of reductions.

We first provide alternative characterizations for information leakage, allowing us to link it to average length communication while allowing for. shared randomness (pairwise, with the referee). A Markov inequality links this.

With bounded length communication, and a Newman type argument allows us to go from shared to private randomness. The only reduction in which we incur more.

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