Jul 19, 2016

NASA Suggests Two Newly Discovered Exoplanets Could Host Life

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Announcing the discovery of over 100 new exoplanets identified by the Kepler space telescope, NASA has highlighted four planets, potentially rocky bodies, two of which may be capable of supporting life, orbiting a distant star.

Located 181 light years from Earth, in the Aquarius constellation, K2-72 is a red dwarf. NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler satellite has found four bodies orbiting the distant star which, given their size, are likely rocky bodies similar to our own planet.

At left, in optical light, UGC 1382 appears to be a simple elliptical galaxy. But spiral arms emerged when astronomers incorporated ultraviolet and deep optical data (middle). Combining that with a view of low-density hydrogen gas (shown in green at right), scientists discovered that UGC 1382 is gigantic.

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