Jul 13, 2016

Can technology help fashion clean up its act?

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Tech making fashion industry cleaner and greener.

Suzanne Mancini, Rhode Island School of Design

Chemical waste, mass production and consumerism are all byproducts of an industrialized global economy.

The fashion industry is no different. Technology has helped the industry meet growing demand by making production more efficient. At the same time, vast overproduction – propelled by fast fashion’s demands for new styles – has led to a host of additional problems: increased chemical waste during production, along with thousands of tons of waste from worn, discarded or donated clothes.

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  1. Lucy Perez says:

    The science of Nano-technology offers more evidence of the fact that human skin is more porous than previously thought by everyone. This will generate many changes of delivery systems for the medical fields. This knowledge also changes everything for the ways textiles are manufactured. They will eventually have to comply with laws that will demand the safety of clothing manufactured for us all. Clothing for newborns, children, teens, adults, & the elderly. Laws of safety will even be passed to protect pets.
    Poor textile & fashion industry. They’ll have to be certified now. — Lucy Perez