Jul 13, 2016

3/3 Liz Parrish and Avi Roy: Genetic and other innovative therapy against aging

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Here’s Liz Parrish talking about driving down costs, replacing viral vectors, and having all kinds of trouble with the lid of a bottle.

Liz Parrish, founder or Bioviva company, which developing genetic therapy against aging. He first in world tested such genetic therapy on himself and resulting effect make her cells be like 20 years younger.

Event begins in Russian language, but Liz and Roy talks in English.

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  1. I agree with the person in the back. Liz looks younger than 44 and very healthy. Waiting for human application of epigenetic production of hyper-long telomeres.

  2. Gayle63 says:

    Liz looks great, but she could look that good with some good skin care and makeup. Let’s say her therapy is working — how much younger can she get? Teenager again? Younger? Mid-twenties? How do they control this aspect?