Jun 19, 2016

World’s First Longevity SIRT Chocolate

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Want to fight aging; eat this new chocolate.

Cambridge UK (PRWEB UK) 19 June 2016 Lycotec Ltd., a biotech company based in Cambridge UK, announces that they have developed the World’s First Longevity SIRT Chocolate, which after ingestion provides a blood level of unmodified trans-Resveratrol, t-RSV, equal to its level after drinking red wine.

T-RSV is the molecule of plant polyphenol class which is typically present in red grapes, some berries, cocoa and nuts. There are a number of beneficial health effects of t-RSV from cardioprotective to antidiabetic. However, one of its intriguing properties is the ability to activate a group of SIRT genes. These genes are responsible for controlling cellular stress protection and longevity.

When t-RSV is consumed as part of food, or a beverage, or as an isolated extract in the form of most supplements, it quickly gets modified and inactivated in the digestive tract. Drinking red wine is the only known exception when t-RSV can reach the blood in an unmodified active form at a detectable level.

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