Jun 27, 2016

New Paper Claims EM Drive Works, Produces Light As Exhaust

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A new paper in AIP Advances argues that the controversial EM Drive doesn’t break physics as we know it, as it emits light (photons) as exhaust. However, other experts assert that it’s likely just an artifact.

Want to get people excited about science? Simple. Just post about EM Drive.

For those of you who may be new to the topic, EM Drive is a method of space travel that, if realized, would utterly transform our way of life. We could get to Mars in just 10 weeks (as opposed to the current 6+ month journey), and we could save a massive amount of money on fuel. We could have a truly viable space industry.

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  1. Marc Troyer says:

    It’s truly sad that we allow such ignorant uninformed morons write anything let alone articles about science and technology. Had you bothered to ask the people who have been building and testing the drive for YEARS very very PUBLICLY ! You might have gotten something right but that would be to much like common sense! You are an idiot STOP IT !

  2. Nais Royal says:

    @ Marc Troyer
    What’s ignorant about this article? A new paper has been published. Some people might want to know more. That’s the fundamentals of this article. You can’t use common sense on something that hasn’t been published. You just went full retard.

  3. Steven says:

    @Marc Troyer
    Dude you are a dumbass, this article covers the information provided by the paper. Where in the hell does the writer become an idiot bu simply making accurate statements based on information that in most cases is incomplete. So please just shut the hell up and get off the midol.

  4. Marc troyer says:

    Papers have been published on the emdrive going back almost 10 years now. Shawyer and Nasa have been working with quantum thrusters for more then 3 decades. I realize you have no idea what a quantum thruster is or how it relates to the emdrive hence my comments. The sad part is you are not intelligent enough to know just how stupid you are. I call it ” New Amurika” I’ve been following the emdrive for many years and have personally read several of the peer reviewed published papers on several versions of the drive from all over the world. If you aim to inform people you must first inform yourself !