Jun 17, 2016

Method for detecting quantum entanglement refined

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This is huge! They have been able to develop a method to trace high-dimensional entanglement.

Before this point, we had a method that could trace entanglement to limited level among particles; this method allows us to detect high-dimensional entanglement and even enable us to certify whether or not the system has reached the maximum level of entanglement.

So, we are now going to finally see “real” full-scale quantum computing. This changes everything.

RMIT quantum computing researchers have developed and demonstrated a method capable of efficiently detecting high-dimensional entanglement.

Entanglement in quantum physics is the ability of two or more particles to be related to each other in ways which are beyond what is possible in classical physics.

Having information on a particle in an entangled ensemble reveals an “unnatural” amount of information on the other particles.

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