Jun 2, 2016

Intel’s new consumer head dreams of building JARVIS

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Intel is in the midst of its biggest business transition ever. Just a few months ago, the chip giant announced that it would be laying off 11,000 workers and taking a step away from the PC market. Instead, it’ll be focusing on wearables and IoT devices. Coinciding with those announcements was an executive shuffle that put Navin Shenoy, its Mobile Client VP, in charge of its wider Client Computing Group (which covers all consumer devices). At Computex this week, we had a chance to pick Shenoy’s brain about Intel’s path forward.

Taiwan Computex

What do you envision being the next major breakthrough for PC form factor?

We’re working on lots of things that are mind-blowing. To me, we have to figure out how to get to J.A.R.V.I.S. [Iron Man’s trusty AI, not Intel’s vaporware earpiece]. The ability to manipulate things wherever you are, look at things wherever you are, talk to things in a more natural way. That’s the next big breakthrough in computing. And it will be in so many domains, it won’t just be PCs. It’ll be phones, tablets and also new types of things we haven’t conceived of yet.

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