Jun 19, 2016

Dark bots: The cat-and-mouse game begins

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Will the good bots finish last in the war of bots? Dark bots are definitely not that easily stopped by AI in companies.

The bot era is here, and the world has already begun to see its transformative potential. But like any technology, there will be bad bots as predictably as good ones. With every advancement, there are people looking to exploit it. Anticipating what they might do is key so that builders, developers, and users can prevent, preempt, and prepare.

Here are the “dark bots” we’re likely to see:

The Stealthy Bot

This is a bot whose ownership is unknown, giving it the freedom to cheat with impunity. Trust and verification is essential for security on any platform. On the Web, services like Truste, VeriSign, and others have provided the trust infrastructure needed. For apps, Apple and Google do the same. Credit card issuers and payment platforms do as much for merchants offering paid services. But who will provide the trust infrastructure for bots? Will messaging channels certify bot developers? Each channel has a different approval process now. It will be crucial to arrive at a shared certification process.

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