May 2, 2016

Vint Cerf: Buggy Software Is Scarier Than A Robot Takeover

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Luv it!!!! Another fellow experienced AI SME having the same point of view that many other well seasoned AI experts have. Cerf is more concerned about coding bugs and not killer robots; and I and others are also concern about the weakness of the connected infrastructure, weak under pinning technology, and hacking/ criminals hotwiring or overriding AI systems to do their dirty deed and we’re not (like Cerf) concerned over robots and machines taking over the world.

Robots won’t take over humans, but buggy software might, according to the Google exec known as the “father of the Internet.”

Asked for his thoughts on the risk of a robotic overthrow, Google’s chief internet evangelist, Vint Cerf, said he doesn’t fear that problem — especially because artificial intelligence technology isn’t that sophisticated.

However, flawed software could pose a real threat to humans, he said.

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    Again, whether it be AI or coding bugs the solution seems clear-cut…use something like CrispR genetic engineering engaging new breath of air mist dropped on the human race to change human nature. Otherwise, mankind may become extinct along with all those aliens not visiting earth, who also expired failing to survive developing singularity level technologies…terrorism inclusively.

    Why drop bombs, killing not only the enemy but innocence, when we will end with little choice but to change human nature. Drop a mist of genetic materials already tested to work, and weaken by changing an ancient nature still obeying genetic code “one foot in the cave”.

    A solution employing mist may become the only way to less traumatically, simultaneously change large populations, which is likely important. Again, I suggest that it will be debated and argue, but in the end will remain among the only solutions, considering future powerful technologies, to prevent one deviant mind from walking into a city and destroying it…or coding bugs/AI.