May 9, 2016

Tom Brokaw reveals his cancer battle has made him appreciate life

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Lifeboat is all about how advances in science & technology can be use to improve humanity and ensure folks are informed. I also see this story as an opportunity for others to learn to improve humanity through sharing & hearing from a man who has been successful, met amazing people, and seen amazing things & places; and now shares his most important lesson of life.

Tom Brokaw spoke about his battle with incurable blood cancer in an emotional interview on Today Monday morning and how it has made him appreciate life more and brought him closer to some new friends.

Brokaw, 76, said he had met some incredible people also suffering from cancer, including a younger family friend who passed away last year.

‘He had a much more serious form of cancer than I did, but I was witness to his bravery and his optimism,’ said Brokaw.

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