May 7, 2016

Oxford Scientists Made A Pocket-Sized, Portable DNA Sequencer

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Oxford Nanopore Technologies is changing the course of genomics through the development of their small and portable DNA sequencer, the MinION, which makes of nanopore technology.

The handheld, portable tricorder from Star Trek was essentially able to scan and record biological data from almost anything, and it could do it anytime and anywhere. Recent technology has been pulling the device out of science fiction and turning it into reality, but none have come close to getting genetic information with the same portability…except for British company Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

The device is only 10.16 cm (4 in) long, 2.54 cm (1 in) wide, and weighs about 87 grams. It’s a USB-powered device, and it’s called the MinION. It’s smaller than most smartphones, easy to forget in your jacket pocket, and it’s changing the DNA sequencing industry.

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