May 17, 2016

Mason researchers keep networks moving to stay safe from hacker attacks

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Given the fact that Los Alamos Labs have been and continue to advance cyber security work on the Quantum Internet as well as work in partnerships with other labs and universities; so, why isn’t Mason not collaborating with Los Alamos on developing an improved hacker proof net? Doesn’t look like the most effective and cost efficient approach.

Imagine burglars have targeted your home, but before they break in, you’ve already moved and are safe from harm.

Now apply that premise to protecting a computer network from attack. Hackers try to bring down a network, but critical tasks are a step ahead of them, thanks to complex algorithms. The dreaded “network down” or denial of service message never flashes on your screen.

That’s the basic idea behind new research by George Mason University researchers, who recently landed some $4 million in grants from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). George Mason’s researchers are leading an effort that includes Columbia University, Penn State University and BAE Systems.

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