May 6, 2016

IBM’s Quantum Computing Is For ‘Anyone’, But Is It For Everyone?

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Eventually it will be in everything tech. This version by IBM; is not for the masses. However, don’t worry; it’s coming.

Users will eventually be able to contribute and review results in the coming community, which will be hosted on the IBM Quantum Experience. So kudos to IBM for properly managing expectations.

The researchers at IBM have created a quantum processor, made up of five superconducting quantum bits (qubits).

The company said anyone can run experiments on the computing platform by accessing its website connected to the IBM Cloud. Arvind Krishna, senior vice president and director, IBM Research, noted that quantum computers would be very different from even today’s top supercomputers in looks, structure, and capabilities. A universal quantum computer, once built, has the potential to solve problems that are not solvable with today’s classical computers, IBM said. It can also allow for analysis of much larger quantities of data than can be done by today’s supercomputers.

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