May 22, 2016

HP’s New Jet Fusion 3D Printers Can Print Electronics Inside a Product

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HP has announced that they will be releasing their first generation 3D printers by the end of the year. The Multi Jet Fusion Technology allows 3D printing at half the cost and ten times the speed.

HP has released two new 3D printer models, the Jet Fusion 3200 and Jet Fusion 4200—their first products on the market since the company entered the 3D printing arena in 2014. These high-end printers do not need lasers (like most rivals in their range) and will be available by the end of the year.

Not only will the printers be able to print at half the cost and ten times the speed of other printers on the market, but to top it all off, they can produce sharp, fine, high-definition edges.

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