Apr 5, 2016

Virtual Reality is going to revolutionize real estate

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I will be surprised if no one isn’t already adopting this technology in the commercial & residential real estate industry as well as for REITs especially for enabling investors & insurers to assess property remotely. We’re already seeing the technology leveraged in the hospitality & travel industry currently.

The realization of Virtual Reality (VR) is set to have a big impact on real estate, offering buyers a revolutionary new way to view properties they’re interested in.


As well as allowing buyers to view properties without leaving the real estate agent’s office, or perhaps even from their own homes, buyers can also look at homes that don’t yet exist. That’s because an increasing number of real estate agents are using VR firms to create virtual renderings of homes based on architectural plans alone. Wearing a headset, buyers can literally ‘walk’ through the property, and such experiences will only become more realistic as the technology improves.

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