Apr 7, 2016

Toyota’s ‘guardian angel’ cars will be supercomputers on wheels

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Interesting; however, I can not wait to see Nividia’s new car especially with their new GPU chip & DGX-1 technology.

While companies such as Google chase the fully autonomous car, Toyota is taking a more measured approach toward a “guardian angel” car that would seize control only when an accident is imminent.

But as starkly different as those approaches are, they both will require a wide range of data-intensive technologies, according to Gill Pratt (pictured), chief executive officer of the Toyota Research Institute, a research center focused on AI and robotics. He spoke at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose today.

Toyota has made a huge bet– a billion dollars over five years, in fact–not only on semiautonomous cars but robots that could help older people with indoor mobility. The Toyota Research Institute, which will have facilities near Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is intended to focus both on what Toyota calls outdoor mobility (cars) as well as indoor mobility (robots).

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