Apr 18, 2016

MIT’s AI Can Predict 85 Percent of Cyberattacks

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Knowing a cyberattack’s going to occur before it actually happens is very useful—but it’s tricky to achieve in practice. Now MIT’s built an artificial intelligence system that can predict attacks 85 percent of the time.

Cyberattack spotters work in two main ways. Some are AI that simply looks out for anomalies in internet traffic. They work, but often throw up false positives—warnings about a threat when actually nothing’s wrong. Other software systems are built on rules developed by humans, but it’s hard to create systems like that which catches every attack.

Instead, researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab built a new AI—creatively named AI2—that combines the two approaches.

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  1. Karen Hurst says:

    Another lab experiment. Still too dependent upon legacy Infrastructure and platform which still exposes risk even to AI. Get QC then the ballgame finally changes for AI