Mar 5, 2016

This new experiment will allow us to ‘see’ quantum entanglement with the naked eye

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An experiment that would allow humans to directly perceive quantum entanglement for the first time has been devised by researchers in Switzerland, and they say the same technique could be used to quantum entangle two people.

While it would be incredibly cool to be the first person ever to witness quantum entanglement with your own eyes, the experiment has been designed to answer some important and far-reaching questions, such as what does quantum entanglement actually look like, and what does it feel like to be entangled with another human being?

Quantum entanglement is a strange phenomenon where two quantum particles interact in such a way that they become deeply linked, and essentially ‘share’ an existence. This means that what happens to one particle will directly and instantly affect what happens to the other — even if that other particle is many light-years away.

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