Mar 30, 2016

These Smart Wine Bottles are wine lover’s delight!

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Some people might throw enough parties, or have the capacity to kill entire bottles of wine in just a night, but for the others, the rest of the stored wine changes taste and appeal over the next few days to the point where it’s demoted to giving body to your stew.

The Kuvee wine bottle provides a possible solution of the latter problem. More like a smart wine sleeve, than a smart wine bottle, it solves the two biggest problems when it comes to storing wine: exposing them to air and light. It stops the sun by storing the wine in metal bottles and it stops the air by vacuum sealing the wine. No air in or out. As for the temperature part, you have to manage the rest.

You slip it over the bottle of wine you’d like to imbibe and it is wifi enabled, giving you all sorts of important details: how much wine is left, what kind of wine you’re drinking, and what vineyard it’s from.

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