Mar 1, 2016

These are the 13 jobs in London where a robot is most likely to steal your job

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The interesting piece in the articles that I have seen on robots taking jobs have only occurred in Asia and in certain situations in the UK. I believe that companies across the US see some of the existing hacking risks (especially since the US has the highest incidents of hackings among the other countries) that prevents companies from just replacing their employees with connected autonomous robots plus I am not sure that robotics is at the level of sophistication that most consumers want to spend a lot of money on at the moment.

Bottom line is that until hacking is drastically reduce (if not finally eliminated); that autonomous AI like connected robots and humanoids will find they will have a hard time being adopted by the US collective mass of the population.

In the future the global employment market will rely heavily on robots, artificial intelligence, and all sorts of automation.

In fact, technology is so crucial going forward, that in January, the World Economic Forum predicted that in less than five years more than five million human jobs will be replaced by automation, AI, and robots.

Just this week, a new report showed nearly a third of retails jobs in the UK could disappear by 2025, with many workers replaced by technology in some way or another.

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