Mar 15, 2016

Schumer: Iranian Cyber-Attack on New York Dam Was “Shot Across the Bow”

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So does this mean war?

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D – N.Y.) said that an Iranian cyber-attack on a dam near New York City was a “shot across the bow” of the United States, which should be answered with harsher sanctions, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

“Now it looks clear that the Iranians did it,” Schumer said during an appearance on Long Island. “What were they doing? They were sending a shot across our bow. They were saying that we can damage, seriously damage, our critical infrastructure and put the lives and property of people at risk.”

The breach in the dam’s control system was first reported in December of last year, and Schumer indicated that there would a federal indictment in the case as early as April. The congressman added that the breach suggested that Iranian hackers possibly posed even greater threats. “Hackers can come in, as these Iranian hackers did, and hurt our critical infrastructure,” he observed. “What if they open the sluice gates of a dam with a whole lot of people behind it? What if they shut off the power for a large part of the area?”

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