Mar 9, 2016

Poll On Attitudes Towards Robots Finds Canadians As Pessimistic As It Gets

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Given robotics history, I can understand Canada’s viewpoint. However, as technologies such as Quantum is applied to AI; we then will see real improvements in robotics. Until Quantum is AI’s platform; we will see robotics still fall short in many areas and will continue to see limited use and adoption.

Nowhere is the world’s robotic future more controversial than in Canada.

In a new global poll from travel site Travelzoo, Canadians were the least likely to agree that robots will make people’s lives better.

A majority of Canadians — 63 per cent — say robots will improve their lives, but that’s still a lower percentage than in other surveyed countries. Seventy-one per cent of Americans and 97 per cent of Chinese respondents expect robots to make things better.

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