Mar 14, 2016

‘DNA origami‘ paves way for faster, cheaper computer chips

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Scientists has opened a door to faster, cheaper computer chips with the help of ‘DNA origami.’ “We would like to use DNA’s very small size, base-pairing capabilities and ability to self-assemble, and direct it to make nanoscale structures that could be used for electronics,” Adam T. Woolley said.

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  1. AKIRA Ø WEST says:

    I’m looking for super bandwidth cheap processor more than speed. this one have a potential? I need realtime rendering and process with Data from Nu-Cløud.
    How many latency and quality if I using them with realtime upscaling samle 44.1÷16 to 192.1÷24?
    (With Super High quality bitmap)
    Ken Kutagagi made a lot misdesignd with Original CELL (conflict with IBM) but I believed in his original Idia (CELL NETWORK) is correct.
    Can I say good bye to RISC MPU from now?

  2. AKIRA Ø WEST says:

    Typo Kutaragi*

  3. AKIRA Ø WEST says:

    Hmmmm maybe I asked wrong person??