Mar 3, 2016

Audi RSQ | Sporty Coupé for the 2004 “I, Robot” | CES Asia 2015

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Audi RSQ – a fantastic car. Certainly a design icon, but first of all, a movie star. The Audi RSQ was the first car we developed for a motion picture – with great success. This sporty coupé for the 2004 Hollywood science-fiction “I, Robot” was a visionary concept of what a car might look like in 2035. Four designers, ten model engineers, ten weeks, all creative liberties – that’s what it took to create this Audi of the future.

What was really unique and visionary about the Audi RSQ: It was the first Audi demonstrating piloted driving capabilities. Here is one of my favorite moments in the movie – a moment that tells you a lot about piloted driving:

The Audi RSQ is going autonomously in a busy, but fluent traffic situation. Suddenly, the car comes under heavy attack by enemy robots. Actor Will Smith in his role of a police officer decides to take over. Like all heroes, he wants to manage and control critical situations by himself. But his lady co-driver does not trust him and says: “Oh no, don’t do it! It is too dangerous to control the car by yourself!” And she is right, he is damaging the car a few minutes later.

This dialogue is a great lesson in future technology:

What was science-fiction in 2004, became reality only ten years later. Today, we connect driver, car and environment in an intuitive way. Today, our cars are ready for piloted driving and piloted parking. Piloted driving is a great example of how we turn technical vision into emotional premium products that fascinate customers around the globe.

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