Feb 29, 2016

Want to avoid breaches Think like a hacker

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One philosophy that I have often practice and encourage my team to do is to think like a hacker. It has served me and my teams well. At times; I have shared areas where risks exist in the emerging technologies; and hope that I don’t make folks too nervous. However, we all have to start thinking like hackers or pay the cost some day.

C-level executives from giant corporations and officials from the smallest companies all must think like hackers and test their cyber defenses regularly if they expect to avoid breaches of their systems.

That’s according to a panel of cybersecurity experts who recently spoke to a crowd gathered at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

‘You have to adjust your expectation of what the other side looks like,’ said William Largent, a threat researcher for the Talos Group, Cisco. ‘It’s…

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