Feb 4, 2016

Swarm of aquatic robots learns to cooperate

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All the disparate elements that will likely be needed to create a true, strong AI are finally coming together now, double time!

Aquatic surface robot (credit: Biomachines Lab)

Portuguese researchers have demonstrated the first swarm of intelligent aquatic surface robots in a real-world environment.

Swarms of aquatic robots have the potential to scale to hundreds or thousands of robots and cover large areas, making them ideal for tasks such as environmental monitoring, search and rescue, and maritime surveillance. They can replace expensive manned vessels and can put the crew out of danger in many maritime missions.

“Swarm robotics is a paradigm shift: we rely on many small, simple and inexpensive robots, instead of a single or a few large, complex and expensive robots,” said Anders Christensen, Ph.D., the principal investigator in the project.

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