Feb 21, 2016

Scientists redefine animal classification system; Change confirmed

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Scientists have redefined the classification of animals due to genetics; 1st time in 300 years. I wonder how the Vets and the Vet Colleges will respond?

The classification system for animals has been hotly debated and frequently changed since it was created 300 years ago, but now researchers have actually found a genetic basis which confirms that part of the system we use today is actually pretty accurate—and they think this part can be defined even more specifically down to the genetic level.

An international team led by Professor Itai YanaAi of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Department of Biology made the discovery after using an extraordinarily powerful technique known as CEL-Seq. CEL-Seq monitors individual cells for their gene activity (as detected via mRNA)—and they applied it across 10 different species, with CEL-Seq being applied to 70 embryos per species.

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