Feb 29, 2016

Graphene Patterned After Moth Eyes Could Give Us ‘Smart Wallpaper’

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Tweaking the structure of graphene so that it matches patterns found in the eyes of moths could one day give us “smart wallpaper,” among a host of other useful technologies.

Using a novel technique called “nano texturing,” scientists at the University of Surrey in England have successfully modified ultra-thin graphene sheets to create the most efficient light-absorbent material to date, which is capable of generating electricity from both captured light and waste heat. They described their work in a new paper in Science Advances.

Graphene is often touted as a wonder material because of its many useful properties, most notably its excellent electrical conductivity and remarkable mechanical strength. This makes it promising for any number of practical applications (a big part of why it proved Nobel-worthy in 2010). Here, let the good folks at SciShow explain:

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