Feb 1, 2016

Beat Artificial Intelligence In Markets By Investing In Individual Stocks?

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Could an avg “Joe” from Wall Street actually beat AI? It sounds like it.

Investor and Forbes contributor John S. Tobey has a rather fatalistic view of artificial intelligence-based investing and trading regimes. In a recent article, the former professional investment manager who formerly operated a multi-manager fund of funds, likes three primary investment strategies – and they don’t generally include artificial intelligence and computer-based hedge fund decision processes.

For his personal investment strategy, Tobey likes to switch from safety, income, value and growth, changing approaches as market conditions warrant. He particularly likes “trends being ignored or misinterpreted by investors.” Trends, it should be noted, are most often best defined quantitatively. In retail stores, popular music or movies, actual sales trends are calculated by computers to determine the force and popularity of trends. In hedge fund investing, computers examine pricing variables to document a trend.

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