Jan 21, 2016

Why Elon Musk’s Luddite Award is making Seattle researchers say ‘I told you so’

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Although some journalists, etc. love writing these stories; I do believe that we must realize that folks like Gates, Musk, etc. have access to a lot of leaders in industry and government. So my advice for what it’s worth to you the reader is: We all must step back & look at the bigger picture; especially when you have folks involved who have access to people, conversations, and things that many of us will never have access to. We do owe this to ourselves, our people, our company, to our customers as well when we look at our own corporate & business future state.

Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking will share this year’s Luddite Award – an annual tribute to the worst anti-technology idea of the year – for stirring what the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation called “fear and hysteria in 2015 by raising alarms that artificial intelligence could spell doom for humanity.”

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