Jan 27, 2016

These former Tesla employees defected to a new, top-secret rival

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Tesla new competitor is in town, they are paying top dollar for Tesla’s talent. Guess Musk should have backed off SpaceX, because his money making has serious competition.

Tesla has lost a lot of talent to this company.

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  1. Karen says:

    I do hope the best for both Tesla and Space X; however, losing talent to competitors is never a good thing in any industry. Time will tell us. However, current SpaceX valuation is $12 bil (as published in recent market news reports). And, Space X reported the following information which shows a low ROI (within a mid range launch cost). SpaceX costs ranges are from prices posted on their website: Minimum quoted cost per launch = $80,000,000 = $1,510,000 per ton Middle quoted cost per launch = $100,000,000 = $1,890,000 per ton Maximum quoted cost per launch = $125,000,000 = $2,360,000 per ton; so lets take the mid-cost of $1.89mil per launch x 3 = $5.67mil so far & its valuation is $12mil; means its ROI so far is around $2.11 mil (not that good; why many don’t explore space; however, payoff long term could be amazing though. So, hoping that the longer term payoff is there for Space X especially after losing good talent from Telsa