Jan 25, 2016

Should We Fear or Welcome the Singularity? Nobel Week Dialogue 2015 — The Future of Intelligence — Nobel Prize

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“Should science and society welcome ‘the singularity’ – the idea of the hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence?

Panelists: Harry Shum (Microsoft Research EVP of Tech), Max Tegmark (Cosmologist, MIT) Stuart Russell (Prof. of Computer Science, UC Berkeley) and Ray Kurzweil (Futurist, Google Director of Engineering). Moderator: Margaret Boden (Prof. of Cognitive Science, Uni. of Sussex).”


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  1. Subhasish Mukhopadhyay says:

    We are all driven by the creator that is Singularity.So the singularity has the right to intervene everybody to protect the essence of the existential importance.But at the same time do you believe walking together with the rhythm of singularity we have right to instigate the emotional attachment of singularity with negative reinforcement involving society even though the Nature continues the process of creation spontaneously to restore HER beauty and stuck the creator confessing the facts that the creation without him would not be possible ? and establishing this understanding can we really enter into the invisible realm of deeper perception of singularity with the destructive 3rd/4th generation technological output ? Are we really discovering the creator or setting ourselves in the work of creator ? Probably the creator is observing patiently and convinced that Nature is a golden goose to be nurtured and protected by the creator.He can’t experiment HER