Jan 14, 2016

RFID Tagging Chip is Here for the Human

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It’s about 12 millimeters in size, and embedded under your skin, most likely in the hand. The RFID chip is here. Swiping cards when we make purchase transactions will be a thing of the past. A ride on public transport, simple tasks such as accessing the photocopier at work or sending a business card to a client’s phone at a literal tap of the finger.

The RFID chip stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and a company in Sweden, Epicenter, is embracing the new technology for their employees. Co-Founder and CEO of the company Patrick Mesterton says their employees have a personal choice to be chipped or not, it’s a voluntary decision.


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  1. The mark of the beast, & those who accept such mark will feel the burn of the fire first hand.
    The government & illuminati elites want you to have this done. They have bunkers which will give them a false sense of hope for a short amount of time, but even those bunkers won’t save them, as they will only boil alive. Death and rebirth is inevitable, & they won’t be able to “beat this”, like the had during the flood.

  2. Anonymous warning says:

    Anyone who gets this chip implanted will not live forever in heaven but permanently gives their soul over to the enemy. No one in heaven will have this chip.

    Mark of the beast. It is all true. Dont doubt it

  3. Joe says:

    I will not take this. Who ever takes the mark of the best and the number of his name, will forever be lost and without god.