Jan 27, 2016

Israel Hit with Massive Cyberattack Targeting Electrical Grid

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Cyber attacks on our power grids — As I have highlighted in my Jan 10th Pulse positing “Quantum Computing – things that need to be considered for our future Quantum Computing” we mush get our funding and special projects under way to prevent a possible Quantum hack by overseas hackers. Russia and China are both ramping up their infrastructures to be Quantum to protect their citizens and we must do the same.

Israel’s Electric Authority has revealed its systems have been the target of a “severe cyberattack” which, while under control, is yet to be fully repelled.

“We had to paralyze numerous computers of the Israeli electricity authorities”, he said.

Minister of National Infrastructure says: ‘We are handling the situation and I hope that soon, this very serious event will be over ‘.

Steinitz, meanwhile, told information security conference attendees that the attack against the Electricity Authority is a reminder of “the sensitivity of infrastructure to cyber-attacks, and the importance of preparing ourselves in order to defend ourselves against such attacks”.

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