Jan 19, 2016

God Does Not Deserve Admiration

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God does not exist. However, let’s grant for a moment that God is real. Religious texts and practices show that God is wicked, cruel, and immoral, and totally unworthy of affection by moral human beings.

For the sake of brevity, we’ll exclusively consider the God of the New Testament, and ignore the God of the Old Testament, Koran, and other books. This God is often portrayed as hip, cool, and loving. If we dig deeper into some of the basic tenets of Christianity held by mainstream Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox churches, we’ll see that it’s an elaborate smoke screen. The God of the New Testament is a beast.

The Problem of Evil

Christian churches usually portray God as all powerful, all knowing, and all benevolent. Long ago, freethinkers discovered the silver bullet to prove that God is not a moral agent. The problem of evil, in its simplest form, goes like this, “If God is good, why does he let evil exist in the world?”

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