Jan 23, 2016

Engineers at Yale develop quantum chip, Next step — a programmable quantum processor

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Every month, we’re seeing more and more researchers and companies break the Quantum barrier by making their own Quantum Chip. Yale is the latest ones to introduce their own Quantum Chip. Next stop; a programmable Quantum Processor

In what can only be termed as a big step in the manufacture of practical quantum circuits, engineers from the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science have created a silicon chip embedded with all the required components for a quantum processor.

Quantum computers are often portrayed as the next step in computer technology, and with good reason. Theoretically, a quantum computer would be thousands of times faster than today’s fastest supercomputers. They could also help in the creation of a practically capable AI. Quantum computers would drastically improve humanity’s data processing capabilities, and that is why researchers have been working for years towards their realization.

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