Jan 23, 2016

Brain tumor removed without surgery at Apollo hospital

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Can you say “amazing” — brain tumor removed without surgery.

The Neurosurgery wing of the Local Apollo hospital here successfully conducted a rare, modern at the same time sensitive method of removal of a brain tumor tissue for diagnosis sending a small needle deep in to the brain without opening the skull and anesthesia. This sophisticated and critical process known as ‘Stereotactic Biopsy was conducted on a 50 year old woman Thalari Chinnammayi, without any complications and with hardly two days of hospitalization. Claiming such Biopsy application as the first of its kind in Coastal Andhra region, Dr M V Kiran Kumar senior consultant Neuro surgeon of Apollo hospital, said it would involve less expenditure and almost risk free and not warrant a repeated biopsy. Presenting the patient before the press persons here today, he said, she was suffering from chronic headache for the past one month and during clinical examination it was found she was having small tumor in the brain that too in a very deep lesion.‘ The tumor in size of 1.5x 2cms was located in the left side of the brain at a place called as Caudate Nucleus. A small piece of brain tissue was removed by performing stereotactic biopsy and during examination it was diagnosed as grade-3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma (cancerous growth). She was referred to Oncologist for treatment either by chemo therapy or Radiation he added. Dr C Suryaprakasarao Medical director of the hospital said that the Neurology department was strengthened by acquiring modern sophisticated equipment besides appointing Dr Kamaraju as a Neuro physician. I. V.V Ramana hospital chief administrator said that they were going to introduce the ‘Deep brain stimulation therapy utilising the expertise of Dr Kiran Kumar. UNI XR/DP KVV AK1935.

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