Nov 14, 2015

Resetting The Clock: New Enzyme Found To Repair Telomeres

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Resetting Your Biological Clock: New Enzyme Found To Repair Telomeres.

The telomere caps on the end of your chromosomes unravel bit by bit with every cell division, and if they’re not repaired division eventually stops altogether. Cells like stem cells express special enzymes to lengthen these caps, and we’ve now found another one that does the job.

A key player in aging?

Many factors drive aging, but telomeres play a key role in allowing cells to divide at all and are therefore a major potential anti-aging target. Aging is a murder mystery case involving a range of perpetrators, but telomere shortening has been connected to multiple age-related diseases and many scientists believe we’ll have to find ways to repair telomeres if we want to live longer.

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