Oct 21, 2015

We’re Living In A New Golden Age Of Space Movies

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Just a few years ago, we were wondering where all the movies about outer space had gone. And now, we don’t have to wonder any more, because we’ve been getting a crop of fantastic new movies about astronauts, spaceships, and the joy of exploration.

There have been at least a couple of previous golden ages of space movies—the period following 2001 comes to mind, and so does the boom in space-opera adventures after Star Wars. The post-2001 boom saw a handful of idea-rich, very human-focused movies about ideas, which used space and science fiction as a way to further conversations and arguments that were rooted in the eras they were made in. Space, following Star Wars, became a fantastical, otherworldly setting, full of the magic and monsters of pulp serials and fantasy, dressed in other-worldly garb.

We're Living In A New Golden Age Of Space Movies

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