Oct 14, 2015

Tesla’s New Software Does the Lane-Changing and Parallel Parking For You

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Tesla Motors Inc.’s newest software brings elements of autonomous driving to some of its Model S cars. With updated software, the vehicles can help drivers stay in their highway lane or change lanes for them.

The car can also parallel park for the driver or warn when an object such as another car is too close the side of the Model S, the company said in post on its website.

The maker of luxury electric vehicles has highlighted many high-tech features on its models, such as the industry’s largest touch screen and robust wireless access that allows for software upgrades, such as this update to version 7.0. But it has lagged some rival high-end automakers and even a few mainstream brands in its use of driver-assist technology such as lane-keep assist and adaptive cruise control. Tesla’s new system is the first to include automated lane changing.

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