Sep 27, 2015

This robotic arm lets people paint with their eyes

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Sabine Dziemian, a postgraduate in Faisal’s research group, says, “If I want to draw a straight line, I look at the start point and the end point, and the robot moves the brush across that line.”

Blinking three times puts the robot in color selection mode, in which it moves the brush over to a variety of pre-dispensed colors. At that point, the user only needs to look at the color he or she wants to use next, and the arm applies the color to the brush.

“Since time immemorial, human imagination has sparked the idea of having additional arms,” says Faisal. He invokes the multiarmed Hindu goddess Shiva, often a symbol of transformation, to suggest we might one day “do the dishes while taking a phone call or [holding] your baby and [preparing] the food at the same time, because you have just that extra pair of hands attached to you.”

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