Sep 17, 2015

The UK’s first self-driving ‘pod’ vehicle hits the streets

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The self-driving vehicle revolution has gotten underway in the UK, with the first of a number of automated ‘pod’ trial vehicles unveiled to the public in Milton Keynes this week.

The LUTZ (Low-carbon Urban Transport Zone) Pathfinder is a diminutive electric-powered two-seater that’s about half the length of an ordinary car. If you feel the need for speed, however, you may want to look elsewhere for now. The Pathfinder is designed for use in pedestrianised areas, with a top speed of just 24 km/hr.

One of the vehicle’s main purposes is to help people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a car to get around in urban environments, such as the young or elderly, disabled people, or simply those who don’t own a vehicle.

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