Sep 3, 2015

Mars One Mission Called ‘Unsustainable,’ And Here’s Why

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Ever heard of 3-D printing? Besides, if humanity had followed this guys advice, MIT or not, we would have never left Africa. Never built a new village, town, or city. Never gone to the moon — and we DEFINITELY would never have created a place like MIT AT ALL.

Life is messy, painful, rough and often unforgiving, but taking risks is part of our collective species identity. To succeed sometimes we have to fail, and if that’s what happens with this endevor then, at the very least we’ll know what NOT to try next time.

What do you think?

The finalists for the Mars One mission might want to think twice before accepting that one-way ticket to the red planet, according to Sydney Do, a graduate research fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mars One is an initiative to establish a permanent human settlement on the planet. But speaking to HuffPost Live on Wednesday, Do said that doing so would be “unsustainable” and “unfeasible” due to cost.

He explained:

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