Sep 8, 2015

ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Workstations

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Work at your computer in a zero stress position. Get past the pain and back to work.

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  1. This work configuration clearly reduces stress on the neck, back, knees, legs, arms and heart. I bet that a user could comfortably recline for hours and get many things accomplished.

    I can imagine an aftermarket for additional contraptions that attach a cold drink delivery system, a door intercom, and even a mechanism for tipping the pizza delivery guy…

    But, somehow, this contraption leaves me with the suspicion that my overall health would rapidly deteriorate. I am not convinced that that the human body was meant to be in a state of perpetual recline, even during the work day.

    I hope that the folks using this device do not need muscles, because every muscle in their body except the eyelids and finger joints would atrophy in the first few months of use. In fact, this contraption is a perfect Reverse-Physical-Therapy machine.

  2. Jak Plihal says:

    I had a client who had a back injury years ago who would have done very well to use this during the time she needed to heal her discs. I get it, this is a great idea and would be happy to discuss ideas I have for you on marketing… –Jak