Aug 14, 2015

Report: Human Age Reversal Research

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“A protein found in the blood of young animals called GDF-11 is inducing systemic rejuvenation effects on bone, muscle, heart, blood vessels, and brains of older animals.

“GDF” stands for growth differentiating factor. It functions to turn “on” senescent stem cells, which results in a restoration of youthful structure and function to senile tissues. This same protein (GDF-11) is found in young humans as well as animals.

Harvard, Stanford, and other universities are conducting remarkable studies showing age reversal in animal models. Researchers from these centers of medical innovation are optimistic that this approach might be applicable to humans.”

Reversing aging may be humanly possible. It may also be closer than you think.

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  1. Wayne Smith says:

    I heard GDF-11 had been discounted as the protein responsible in another recent article.