Jun 14, 2015

Man Dated

Posted by in categories: futurism, health, transhumanism

A balanced article on transhumanism and the future in a trendy Hong Kong & Chinese men’s lifestyle magazine. Article in English:

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  1. alexander evans says:

    interesting „, that ”kinda thing-s” is basic ”stuff” to me. i read SO MUCH Sci-Fi that one has to be ”PRETTY-ADVANCED” 2MAKE ME ”GO wow” … i tried to ”get” a couple of BILLIONAIRES to pay for my ”upgrading” ]the artificial internal organs 2 prosthetics arms&legs[ ”now” : and i will ”OWE-them” etc.

    would you guys be interested in UPGRADING Me .. for a I-O-U ??.

    I’M OBVIOUSLY A FOR-REAL Sci-Fi satori etc.