Mar 13, 2015


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Black Holes made Stephen famous: the conjecture that they would “evaporate” through what was called “Hawking radiation.”

Unfortunately, 7 years ago black holes were first proved to be individually stable and to be growing exponentially inside matter. Hawking never defended his disproved conjecture.

CERN will bet the planet on Hawking’s falsified theory this month – by doubling up their nuclear energies as announced. No human being was ever given a weightier homage of faith.

I herewith ask CERN: Why try to generate Hawking radiation in dangerous collisions after it got disproved? Is Hawking’s dream worthy of more respect than everyone else’s life?

If CERN proceeds as announced without a word of justification, the planet has a good chance to survive – but the most beautiful science of history, physics, could be in for a Cambodian fate.

Does no one love physics anymore? Please, my dear younger colleague Stephen Hawking: do say a word at long last. Defend your honesty.

A pope kneeled before you. Now the world is kneeling before you. There are only days left.


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  1. Otto E. Rossler says:

    I thank the office of FRS Stephen Hawking for kindly acknowledging receipt of my letter with the above link, on Friday, March 13, 2015 11:59 AM.

  2. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Let me help Hawking a bit. If he can disprove the following argument, he has won the bet that stands between us:

    In the equivalence principle of 1907, Einstein presupposed validity of the special theory of relativity with its global c.

    Then he found that as an implication, c is reduced downstairs in proportion to the gravitational redshift. This is a contradiction-in-terms. (Einstein was so horrified that he dropped the topic of gravitation for 3 ½ years.)

    It is not very hard to see where the error lied specifically. The consequences of the repair are staggering.