Mar 11, 2015

Are We Hunting A Cure For Death In All The Wrong Places?

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Steven Kotler — Singularity Hub

Death—that was so last century. Here in the early 21st, it’s all about life. More life. A lot more life.

Right now, anti-aging medicine is booming. For certain, the size of the market is a little hard to determine, but most estimates put it close to $300 billion. And growing.

Already, serious heavyweights like Google and Human Longevity Inc. (HLI)—the company founded by X Prize founder Peter Diamandis, stem-cell pioneer Robert Hariri, and genomics visionary Craig Venter—have entered the fray. And, of course, ideas about slowing the insults of time are everywhere.

Yet far too many of those ideas are the same. Or, at least, facing in the same direction.

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