Feb 24, 2015

Why big Progress is virtually Thwarted

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I have two examples to offer: c-global and cryodynamics.

c-global is based on overcoming an oversight Einstein had made in December of 1907. He assumed c to be reduced in proportion to his newly discovered gravitational redshift valid downstairs, while in reality an optically masked size increase occurs down there. The newly reconstituted c-global rules out cosmic expansion.

Cryodynamics is the new sister discipline to thermodynamics. It governs gases made up from mutually attractive particles. It explains the observed cosmological redshift without expansion.

Although both findings are in the literature for years, it is impossible to evoke any response. This despite the fact that cryodynamics promises limitless free energy. There is no support for its aficionados anywhere.

Since all projects in the field are controlled by the single Western school left on the planet, no young physicist is allowed to contribute to the big progress of CC.

Fortunately, there exists a new branch of physics called “original highschool physics” (OHP). In it, highschool students and their teachers contribute technically low-level but theoretically fundamental results. Here c-global and cryodynamics have their new home.

The young generation does not approve of CERN’s open neglect of c-global and cryodynamics. If physics is unable to absorb progress, the planet’s youth is put-off by physics. Dishonesty displayed by the establishment through letting CERN refuse to upgrade their Safety Report for 7 years is – if not killing the planet – killing physics.

Please, my friends: restore the link to the young generation and allow the CERN Young Scientists to come back on their 5 years old invitation for a talk on c-global and cryodynamics.

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